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Pete Coggan

Director, Writer, Producer

Pete was raised in farm country just outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he pursued photography with a passion. He discovered his true calling upon being the only person able to use a light meter on an “unauthorized” music video shoot in Los Angeles. The DP was a no-show, but Coggan figured out how to load the Arri and shot the video. When offered a job as director/cameraman/production manager at Warren Miller Films, Coggan was quickly on his way to Colorado. There, he oversaw over fifty hours of episodic Television including Global Journeys and Warren Miller’s Extreme, two feature films (50 and Ride) and Directed many of the music videos and commercials that came through the company at the time. He also coordinated the first exclusively digital release of a major motion picture in a collaboration with Sony. Aware that there was simply no infrastructure in Colorado capable of handling the emergence of 2K/4K feature film projects, Coggan formed 42 Productions in Boulder to rectify the situation. 42 quickly became the go-to shop in the region for feature films, ad agency work, music videos plus high-end production and finish work including color grading and CGI. In 2008, within two weeks of the arrival of two of the first RED ONE cameras in the region, Coggan and 42 Productions were underway with principal photography on their feature comedy, Woodshop, starring Jesse Ventura as a salty High School shop class teacher, which was widely distributed on VOD, Amazon and Netflix

Paul Lee

Director of Photography,

Writer, Producer

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Paul Lee had a video camera in one hand and an airbrush in the other. Interested in model building and special effects from an early age, he and his friends created epic sci-fi videos in the basement. Lee realized he could turn his passion into a career and went to film school at the University of Colorado. After five years working as an Editor, Lee joined director Pete Coggan at 42 Productions. The Colorado-based production company pioneered HD video and digital cinema, working for a variety of clients including aerospace, feature films and documentaries, plus A-List agencies. When 42 Productions began work on Woodshop, Lee jumped at the chance to get in the field and behind the camera, becoming the project's director of photography and co-producer.

George Gesegnet

Associate Producer,

Audio Supervisor

Upon leaving the Air Force, Gesegnet started his career in the entertainment industry recording classical music. He quickly became sought after as a specialist in recording large philharmonic orchestras as well as small ensembles and soloists. This lead him into the film world where he recorded and mixed performances for numerous clients including ESPN, IBM, AT&T, and Motorola. Along with doing extensive contract work for Disney, he has worked on documentaries and science programs for Discovery and PBS while amassing a varied range of other corporate and entertainment-industry clients. He has also contributed to the design and build of several highly regarded mix and tracking facilities. Through his broad client list and reputation, Gesegnet has established relationships with ILM, Sony, and Buena Vista.

Caroline Coggan

Executive Producer

Caroline Coggan is a Stanford graduate in Economics and has a Juris Doctorate specializing in compliance and finance. Coggan has worked for over twenty-five years in finance, venture capital and served as the C.E.O. of 42 Productions. Her unique skill-set allows her to negotiate contracts, attract remarkable on-and-off camera talent and secure funding with much more success than is typical for independent producers.